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In the early 2000's when entertainment and sports world(s) were being fused together, entrepreneur Katrina Chambers formed PRO-TENTIAL Management, an innovative and revolutionary management company.


Over the years PRO-TENTIAL MANAGEMENT has evolved into a full service sports and entertainment management company. Since then, PRO-TENTIAL has expanded its primary focus of executive support to include management and consulting, branding/marketing, and assisting both companies and individuals with their philanthropy projects.


PRO-TENTIAL MANAGEMENT can assist in bringing your vision or dream to its full PRO-TENTIAL by helping to facilitate, manage and coordinate your personalized blueprint for success.

It's Simple.  If you're an athlete, entrepreneur, organization or business who needs website marketing, administrative support, specialty vendor(s) selection & management, consulting or event support - 

PRO-TENTIAL MANAGEMENT can connect all the dots so that it works, makes sense, and puts you on the road to success.

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